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19 July 2013 @ 01:21 pm
It's OFFICIAL - This now an art/illustration/art director/freelance artist blog/advice column~  
Considering the support I got for it, I've decided it would be a really good use of my time vs. using FA journals which I tend to clear out from time to time.

SO in order to get started, I want to ask you guys what art stuff you'd like to know about! Things I am familiar with/do are the following:

- Furry Commissions as full time job
- Self Promotion
- Freelancing in the game industry (medium experience)
- Self Improvement
- Dealing at Furry Cons as an artist (limited knowledge as a merch seller)
- Things Art Directors look for (medium experience)

I know about other things too I BET but this is a good start c:

Feel free to either ask questions or suggest topics, and my first topic is going to be - DEALING AT FURRY CONS AS AN ARTIST - which i'm going to post an entry about in one sec....