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19 July 2013 @ 01:25 pm
What are your questions about - Dealing At Furry Conventions?  
Below in my first comment are the questions that were asked on my FA journal, please ask any more you may have!

I will write up a COOL BLOG after this weekend and link it around places!

Thanks for participating, hope I can help! <3
sigilgoatsigilgoat on July 19th, 2013 05:25 pm (UTC)

Most dealers dens require a sellers permit/license depending on what state the convention is in. Do artist alleys have the same requirement, how is one obtained, and how do you go about filling that in with taxes each year?

What do you find is the best way to keep track of transactions during the convention?

What is the difference between a dealers den and an artist alley? I went to a con thinking the artist stayed in the alley, but there was several in the den as well.

What do you suggest for selling at conventions? Are people interested in sketch commissions or would it be better to premake stuff to bring?

Whats the best "setup" for a table for dealing?

Is it wise to invest in a banner?

How often do people try to barter with you at conventions?

1. At what point in your furry art career would you consider getting a dealer's table?

2. Would you suggest investing in getting buttons/stickers/little things to sell or is that a general waste of time/money?

3. Do you normally make profit?

4. Artist's Alley vs. Dealer's Den, what's your opinion?

I may have a few more later on. I'm glad you're doing this! I've been debating getting a dealer's table at a con but I know I need to prepare for it.

I also thing it would be helpful to give a list of prop ideas(banner, colorful table cloth etc.) as I wouldn't want to have a boring looking table.

I generally sell at places like Dragon*Con, Comic Con, etc and this year I'm doing Anthrocon. First time selling at a furry con and I'm really worried about what to sell. I've heard different things and I am just wondering what you found sells best. Prints, buttons, sketches, etc?

Do you find yourself breaking even quickly?

Do you feel in general people like fantasy art at furry cons?

Would you say people prefer clean art or smut?

What day(s) are usually the highest volume of sales, and if holding a special price on items what day(s) would be ideal?

Do you find that people usually opt for sketches/badges made during the con or per-ordered/made then picked up at the con?

What are some ways you can draw attention to your booth/table and make it stand out?

I am curious if you are allowed to sell stuff that isn't art in the artists alley. Like logically it would make sense that you cannot, thus 'artists alley', but a confirmed yes or no would be great because if it's a yes? Then I would love to sell a bunch of pokemon stuff that I normally sell on line like plush and figures.
Peggyshatterstripes on July 19th, 2013 06:52 pm (UTC)
best way to keeo track of transactions: SQUARE. You're probably using it anyway for taking credit cards. Enter all your cash purchases in there too.

And take some time before your next con to set up your library of items in Square. You can do it via the web UI, on the tablet, or on the phone. I personally prefer to use the tablet if I can, but I've added new items on the fly on the phone once or twice. If you don't have a tablet then you probably want to use the web - it's the "items" tab. On the phone, swipe right from the keypad to get to the library of items and hit 'edit'. And I don't have a tablet on me right now to tell you how to get to the library edit interface. Fool around, you'll find it.

Smut vs clean seems to really depend on the con. I don't even always bother taking the furry smut binder to non-furry cons.

The "dealers den" in furry cons is basically a giant version of what other cons call their artist alley, as there are no megacorps to really drive the price of space up.